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A transparent, simple and authentic show. I loved my evening and so did my friends. Thank you so much, inspiring Hélène. Bravo, Hélène!



I was dazzled by the lyrics; you're clearly a genius at creating songs (music and lyrics) and this, a rare feat, in both English and French. There are singer-songwriters who are adored in Quebec for much less. What's more, your songs are based on real stories, which gives them even more flavor. 
What a great show, bravo!


Excellent show, touching and natural, very nice evening. We really enjoyed your compositions. Bravo, bravo!


It was a most touching show, Hélène. The lyrics of your songs are magnificent and very sensitive. You exude energy, and your love is contagious.

You are luminous and your courage is inspiring. 


Thank you for sharing with us, for your generosity of heart, and I wish you all the best xx.


Your beautiful energy followed me all day long, you have a promising career, your lyrics are touching and you can always turn to humor for your next career.

My last album

Listen to feel better


Je l'ai cherché
Mitaines en minou doux
Je t'aime
bus de tournée

Join me for an enchanting evening of French love songs on Valentine's Day, February 16th, at 7pm.


Words, music, and conceptual art have always been my passion and driving force. I deeply appreciate their transformative power and their ability to touch people's hearts profoundly. Through my performances, I seek to inspire and uplift my audience, encouraging them to live their lives with courage, compassion, and authenticity.

I believe that the creative process is not just about creating something beautiful or entertaining, but also about flourishing and self-discovery. As an artist, I have experienced firsthand the transformative power of creative expression, storytelling, and witnessing inspiring performances, and how they can lead to personal and spiritual breakthroughs.

I have written and co-written hundreds of songs and have presented my workshops/shows to over 250,000 participants. Whether through songwriting, performance, or collaboration with other artists, I am dedicated to sharing my love for music and the creative process with others. I believe that words and music have the power to unite people from all walks of life and create positive change in the world.

Hélène Nicole's books

Hélène Nicole's books are available in bookshops in Quebec and on her website. In the USA, the books are available at Barnes & Noble and her shows and workshops. 


 Hélène Nicole will be touring Florida and South Carolina until mid-April. Want to inspire your guests, family and friends? Organize an intimate concert in your home for your group of friends, cultural center, cafés, etc.

Contact for more info and available dates.

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