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Crois en toi 

Believe In Yourself

WORKSHOP IN A SHOW for a Life of Unbounded Possibilities!


The Spring-Autumn 2024 tour has begun, so there's still time to book, but don't delay!   We are now taking reservations for the Spring 2025 tour.  Contact us for more information or to book your show-workshop. This is a unique opportunity to inspire your students. 

Classement cinq étoiles
The presentation was incredible! The students absolutely loved it. It was interactive and very enjoyable for both students and staff. 

Lisa Stirpe,  Grade 3/4 année, Educational Ressource Teacher. 

Hélène and David's music was very appealing to our core French students. Presenting in both languages allowed all students to participate.  Their messages were extremely important. 

Mena Coote,

French Teacher

The students found the music inspiring and meaningful. They appreciated that the presentation was in both French and English, and that it was attractive and fun. 

Maxwell Scholbeck, Enseignant Grade 7/8 Teacher 

Self-Acceptance and Confidence: The first song highlights the importance of loving yourself and accepting your individuality. She encourages listeners to embrace their uniqueness and appreciate their strengths.

I like me like me

Discovering Talents and Gifts: The second song focuses on recognizing and celebrating everyone's talents and abilities. It suggests that everyone has something special to offer and encourages the exploration of their passions

What are you good at

Empowerment through Belief: The third song is about believing in yourself despite doubts or criticism from others. It emphasizes the power of self-confidence and encourages perseverance, cooperation and taking care of yourself and the environment.

When I grow up

Encouragement and Support: The fourth song emphasizes the importance of support and advice from others, especially in times of uncertainty or difficulty. It emphasizes the value of companionship and encouragement.

Believe in Yourself

Self-exploration through five captivating songs.
Interactive activities to discover and nurture individual talents. Practical advice to help children take charge of their future.  A must-attend event for young people aged 5 to 18* and their families, available in French, English and bilingual versions.

Goal: To be myself

Cognitive, emotional and spiritual intelligence: essential for a successful life

For children and young people to reach their full potential, it's essential to cultivate spiritual intelligence alongside cognitive and emotional skills. Here's why:


A sense of purpose:

Spiritual intelligence helps young people discover their unique purpose and direction in life. By exploring questions of identity, values and beliefs, they better understand who they are and what they aspire to become. This sense of purpose motivates and guides them, directing their actions and decisions towards meaningful goals.

Perseverance and inner strength:

In the face of challenges and setbacks, spiritual intelligence is a source of perseverance and inner strength. Children and young people with a solid spiritual foundation are better equipped to face adversity, navigate uncertainty, and maintain a positive attitude in life's ups and downs. They draw strength from their inner resources, faith, and beliefs, enabling them to persevere through difficult times with grace and courage.

Empathy and compassion:

Spiritual intelligence fosters empathy and compassion for self and others. By cultivating a deeper understanding of human interconnectedness and shared humanity, young people develop empathy for the struggles and suffering of others. They become more attentive to the needs of their peers and communities and are inspired to act compassionately to alleviate suffering and promote social justice and equality.


Ethical decision-making:

Guided by spiritual values and principles, children and young people develop a strong ethical compass for resolving ethical dilemmas and making responsible decisions. They learn to discern right from wrong, to act with integrity and honesty, and to defend their moral values even in the face of temptation or peer pressure. This ethical clarity not only builds character but also earns them the trust and respect of others.

Sense of connection and belonging: Spiritual intelligence fosters a sense of connection and belonging to something greater than oneself. Whether through religious faith, nature, art, or philosophy, young people find meaning and belonging in their connection with the transcendent, the universe or the collective human experience. This connection nurtures a deep sense of inner peace, fulfillment, and interconnectedness with all living beings.

In essence, spiritual intelligence is a fundamental aspect of human flourishing and holistic development. By nurturing spiritual intelligence in children and young people, we empower them to realize their full potential, live authentically, and contribute positively to the world with wisdom, compassion, and determination.

Oh my God, what an incredible show! We were lucky enough to see Hélène Nicole's show for children, and we were overwhelmed! This show should be offered in every school and even in every family in the world, especially now! The children learned about kindness, love, mutual aid, self-love and so much more. It's the truth at its heart, popularized in a way that's so simple it's easy for anyone to understand. The interactive show prompts us to think about things as children, and even as parents! Our 4 boys, aged 5 to 12, have all learned in their own way about relationships with themselves and with others. We're so grateful to have seen this show! Don't miss your chance!
Vicky Ringuette, Parent and Home School Teacher
Mon Espace Famille

 Love of self and of life
taught to children




Satisfied customers


Thank you so much for coming! Your workshop was fantastic! My students loved it! And, yes, my goal was reached. It was perfect!

Wendy Cross, French teacher,

McKinnon Park Secondary School, Caledonia, Ontario

Listen on Youtube: 

My big dream is to become a policewoman. I've learned that you have to believe in yourself. Sissy, 11 years old.

Listen to more interviews with students on  Youtube: 



Capturing Moments for Eternity

Author, songwriter, and inspiring lifestyle entrepreneur, Hélène Nicole has been named Personality of the Week by La Presse-Radio-Canada and featured in multiple publications.

Her life story reads like an adventurous novel, one where each chapter is filled with overcoming tremendous obstacles and embracing joy in its purest form.

Living out of a tour bus, Hélène has made the world her home, exemplifying a life that is not just lived but celebrated.


Her years of making her dreams come true have instilled in her the wisdom and courage that she now shares through these transformative events.


The Spring-Autumn 2024 tour has begun, so there's still time to book, but don't delay!   We are now taking reservations for the Spring 2025 tour.  Contact us for more information or to book your show-workshop. This is a unique opportunity to inspire your students. 



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Identity and Growth: The final song touches on themes of identity and growth, particularly in the context of childhood and adolescence. It acknowledges the confusion and challenges of self-discovery while advocating for patience, understanding, and support from others.

Still a kid

Foster a sense of connection and unity between people, to alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness. Emphasize the importance of belonging and community, which are essential to individual well-being and collective harmony. 


Hélène Nicole came to sing at my school. She made my students sing, but above all, she made them realize that they are unique and that each of them can hope to pursue his or her dream. She also made them believe that they are all wonderful and unique in their differences!
Andrée Ferland, Principal, Mathieu DaCosta School, Toronto, On, Canada

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