What if life was easy?

My life is easy but I make it hard.

I worry about the future when all is good in the present. I waste hours this way or running away on the internet or on some tv serie on Netflix. I try to run from my terrifying ideas about what the futur might bring me.

But the reality is that my life is easy when I respect 3 states of being;

-Being present

-Being myself and do my part

-Being positive and keep me in the light (with other positive beings)

These 3 states will be the base of my next book, Happiness within your reach. The first state requires to be present. We live in the present, not in the future or in the past. In school we first teach us the present tense for a reason. It is in the present that we create the future and repair the past. But how to remain present? By looking inward. By calming our thoughts. I have many ways to calm my mental; I meditate in various ways, I write, I walk in nature, I sit in a park and think in silence, observing what is around me. I learned transcendantal meditation and other guided forms of meditation. Sometimes i simply recite over and over the serenity prayer like a mantra.

Being present means observing what is and accept it. If I am afraid, I observe: oh, am afraid. And I start a conversation with that part of me that is afraid. It is very easy to discuss if we are in the role of an observer, not a fixer.  -Tell me more, I tell this part of me that is afraid or concerned.  Sometimes my fear is justified, she suggest I pay closer attention to something. Sometimes it is irrational or based in my lack of connection.  For example, my greatest fear is failing. But if I look back, all my failures have become spring board for my successes, so a good thing. My experience comes directly from my failures.  In job offers we often see that the employer is looking for someone with experience. Dah! They are looking for someone who has failed and learned. But in our resume we usually only list our successes!  Failing has never killed me. Failing has put me on another path. The only part of me that suffers when I fail is my ego. The real me never fails, it keeps going on the next adventure just like in the sand box, when a castle fell apart I started building another one immediately with more tools in my tool box this time.

Right now I am writing this sitting at the Star Café near my house. Life is easy today. I woke up and decided to take me for breakfast to write this article which was inspired by my morning meditation. I am hearing all kinds of sounds around me. The music from the radio is not too loud, the kitchen fan as my favorite spot is by the kitchen at the very end of the café near the bathroom and I can see the cooks doing their thing. I hear the noise of the dishes being moved in a muffled way as I am wearing a warm headband that soften all the sounds around me. And I write. It is easy. If I start thinking instead of writing (notice I am now in the 2nd state of being, being myself, doing my part), so if I start thinking everything gets complicated. I can start to think that this article won’t be good and then pouf! All the inspiration is gone. When my inspiration leaves I go back to the present. I observe what is happening around me. That is how I observed the noises around me and so I shared it with you and that got me going again. 1,2,3, I go from those states over and over. Reading and writing is part of who I am so I am taking you to my 2nd state: being myself and doing my part.

Being myself, doing my part

I spent a long time searching who I was unsuccessfully and it made my life hard. So I decided to do the opposite: I searched for who I was not! It is a lot easier to eliminate options than to find them! If you are looking for a needle in a stack of hay, it will be really hard. But if you look for the hay and remove it, it will be easy. A bit long but easy. So I stopped being who I was not little by little. I still am. I realized that if I stopped being who I was not, one day all that would be left would be me. I also read somewhere ‘be who you are, all the other positions are taken’. I am here this morning because I am not a very good cook or food planner and this morning in my house there was nothing inspiring to eat. I am not a plaster man either so one was at my house repairing a wall early this morning while I was choosing what clothes I would bring to Japan where I will be in the next 6 weeks.

To discover who you are,

simply stop being who you are not.

I adopted this strategy almost two years ago when I started a sabbatical time in between two careers. So in being less and less who I am not, I am becoming more and more who I am. There is a lot of progress, nothing is perfect and fear of myself makes me go back to who I am not often. The other day someone commented on the fact that I do not eat sugar. This person said: ‘I find you are depriving yourself of a lot of things. You don’t eat sugar, chocolate, don’t drink coffee. Most people eat and drink these without problems.’ I replied to this person: I am not most people and most people do not live the life I live and want. Most people in the world have jobs they are not passionnate about, most people must numb themselves as they suffer. I live a passionate life, filled with freedom and adventures but to access this life, I need to dig into a well of creativity and intuition and I noticed that sugar, chocolate, coffee and all those excitants contribute to disconnecting me from my intuition. So I am not depriving myself, it is the contrary. My choices allow me a greater life, much more sensual and sensorial experiences. Yes I feel the pain much deeply but I also feel the joy, the peace, the beauty, who I am and who others are in a much deeper way. Letting go of these substances and some behaviors brings me so much more it is not even a deprivation. Thanks to my state of being very perceptive, I can do my part.  At this moment I am doing my part. I must give to receive, it is the virtuous circle of life. Each of us has a special talent that the world needs. In this moment I am sharing the result of my morning meditation and a conversation with a friend and coach, Bruce Bigot who I met yesterday which brings me to the 3rd state.

The last state of being to have it easy is to remain positive. In my spiritual program I am always told: are you part of the solution or are you part of the problem.  We must choose at each instant to be in the solution.  David Hawkins has created a map of consciousness and I use it a lot when I guide people to observe their state of consciousness.  You will find a link to this map at the bottom of the article.

To remain positive I list my options as when I am in the negativity I do not see any. If I cannot find solutions I ask for help.  My guides, coaches, friends, partners and even strangers know how to get me out of my rut. Each time I ask for help I receive it. If the person can’t help me I ask the next one on my list. Remaining positive means remaining connectted to other human beings as if everyone has a role to play, someone’s role is to help me to find solutions to my problems while being myself so I can let someone else be themselves by asking for help.

In the last few weeks I was not feeling very inspired. I was looking at my vision and I had been told to do a marketing plan and one of my assistant had done a schedule for writing but I just could not get myself going. So I went to see my friend Bruce Bigot, who is one of my guides. Bruce put it very simple. He said: forget about the marketing plan. Simply channel what comes to you whenever it comes to you. So here I am the next day sharing with you the guidance I received. And this will be my marketing plan from now on. When the ball is thrown at me, I will throw it back at you. End of the marketing plan.

Peace on earth will come when each and everyone of us will have found inner peace.


World peace will be come when each of us will arrive to our own inner peace, when we will be present, ourselves, each of us doing his or her part and remaining positive.

Hélène Nicole

David Hawkins’s Map of consciousness

Note:  % of population per level do not seem to come from David Hawkins in this example and I am not endorsing them, as for me, numbers are a judgement and ego based as the ego wants to qualify and quantify everything. I personally never stay in one state of consciousness very long. I am always moving up and down and it is my decision to change my level of consciousness when I become aware it’s not bringing me joy by switching my thoughts elsewhere.

How to loose your time in 2019

How to loose your time in 2019.

I started the year by taking my time.  I had planned to write this first post on the topic of yearly resolutions. My title was supposed to be ‘aim for progress rather than perfection for succeed with your new year resolutions. But the more I thought about it, the more I wondered how I could measure my progress since my mission is to live in peace, joy, abundance and beauty whic are states not easy to measure. I suppose I could add more.

So what if I would measure my actions that aim to create this peace, joy, abundance and beauty? Well, one of my action that brings the most peace is to plan. Planning my time, my money, my actions in time. When I fail to plan, I know I am planning to fail.

When I fail to plan, I loose a lot of time. Even if I plan, I still manage to loose part of my time. Where? Hum, I have no tangible proofs since I do not record my lost time in my agenda, that would be too embarassing, but for sure a good chunk of lost time happens on the internet. I am easily distracted by a friend’s post, a picture of a favorite star and a tempting title, or one of these tests! I turned off all possible notifications on my laptop, tablet and cell phone. I even put my cell in black and white for a while to avoid noticing the little numbers that tell me how many important messages are awaiting me.

But my attention is unfaithful. She follows pleasure and tries to escape the tasks that seems less desirable or pleasurable. I find myself cleaning the house when accounting is on my agenda. As fastidious as a task looks to me, the cleaner my house gets.

So on this brand new year, with lots of time to loose, what if I planned where I would loose it? Hum, I do have time to loose. I lost a lot of time in 2018 and still met most of my goals so it is evident that I can loose my time and still succeed. But where would I like to loose it is what am asking myself. (By the way, I act the same way with money so I will apply the same strategy; where to loose my money this year?)

With my new love of my life is my first idea. Then chatting with my kids and my sister who live far away from me. With friends around a nice meal. Reading a book in a cute restaurant. On a beach under the sun. In a road trip. exploring boutiques on a street. Sewing myself a new piece of clothing.  Going to a concert. Calling my dad and his wife more often. And my nieces too. Trying new stuff and new ideas on.

If I plan to plan my lost time and my lost money, I realise I could add lots of peace, joy, abundance and beauty in this new year.

I think I loose time and money due to a need to escape reality and of course due to my add, which is a much talked about topic these days. So in 2019 I will plan where to loose my time to meet my need to escape reality once in a while. Little 15-30 min. here and there in the day. And why not a whole day once in a while. Since I am bound to loose my time (and my money), why not do it consciously.

So I am inviting you to observe your waste of time (and money) and ask yourself if you are wasting it in a joyful, abundant, peaceful and beautiful way, or if you instead waste it unconsciously so that it makes you feel guilty and remorseful? With this new awareness in mind, take back your time and waste it consciously.

Happy new year 2019.

Money and abundance: how to tap into it

In this fifth day of Christmas, my gift to you is how to develop a conscience of abundance within you, so that you never lack nothing no matter what state your finances are in. Move from poverty within to richness within.