How to loose your time in 2019

How to loose your time in 2019.

I started the year by taking my time.  I had planned to write this first post on the topic of yearly resolutions. My title was supposed to be ‘aim for progress rather than perfection for succeed with your new year resolutions. But the more I thought about it, the more I wondered how I could measure my progress since my mission is to live in peace, joy, abundance and beauty whic are states not easy to measure. I suppose I could add more.

So what if I would measure my actions that aim to create this peace, joy, abundance and beauty? Well, one of my action that brings the most peace is to plan. Planning my time, my money, my actions in time. When I fail to plan, I know I am planning to fail.

When I fail to plan, I loose a lot of time. Even if I plan, I still manage to loose part of my time. Where? Hum, I have no tangible proofs since I do not record my lost time in my agenda, that would be too embarassing, but for sure a good chunk of lost time happens on the internet. I am easily distracted by a friend’s post, a picture of a favorite star and a tempting title, or one of these tests! I turned off all possible notifications on my laptop, tablet and cell phone. I even put my cell in black and white for a while to avoid noticing the little numbers that tell me how many important messages are awaiting me.

But my attention is unfaithful. She follows pleasure and tries to escape the tasks that seems less desirable or pleasurable. I find myself cleaning the house when accounting is on my agenda. As fastidious as a task looks to me, the cleaner my house gets.

So on this brand new year, with lots of time to loose, what if I planned where I would loose it? Hum, I do have time to loose. I lost a lot of time in 2018 and still met most of my goals so it is evident that I can loose my time and still succeed. But where would I like to loose it is what am asking myself. (By the way, I act the same way with money so I will apply the same strategy; where to loose my money this year?)

With my new love of my life is my first idea. Then chatting with my kids and my sister who live far away from me. With friends around a nice meal. Reading a book in a cute restaurant. On a beach under the sun. In a road trip. exploring boutiques on a street. Sewing myself a new piece of clothing.  Going to a concert. Calling my dad and his wife more often. And my nieces too. Trying new stuff and new ideas on.

If I plan to plan my lost time and my lost money, I realise I could add lots of peace, joy, abundance and beauty in this new year.

I think I loose time and money due to a need to escape reality and of course due to my add, which is a much talked about topic these days. So in 2019 I will plan where to loose my time to meet my need to escape reality once in a while. Little 15-30 min. here and there in the day. And why not a whole day once in a while. Since I am bound to loose my time (and my money), why not do it consciously.

So I am inviting you to observe your waste of time (and money) and ask yourself if you are wasting it in a joyful, abundant, peaceful and beautiful way, or if you instead waste it unconsciously so that it makes you feel guilty and remorseful? With this new awareness in mind, take back your time and waste it consciously.

Happy new year 2019.

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